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Marie Hammer is currently a Lecturer in the Faculty of Education at Monash University in the area of early childhood education. In particular Marie's area of expertise is in the field of education for children with additional needs with emphasis on the social and emotional development of children. Marie is also skilled in the area of professional development of teachers and the legal issues pertaining to the teachers' legal duty of care.


Marie was president of the Kindergarten Teachers Association of Victoria for five years and later acted as  professional adviser within that organisation. In these roles she provided advice to teachers on specific issues related to regulations; duty of care; professional malpractice; Family Court proceedings and Children's court matters, curriculum development etc. Marie was also the victorian President of Early Childhood Australia for six years as well as National vice President of ECA for four years and a member of the ECA, Victorian Branch Qualifications Approval Committee for Early Childhood professional in this State, providing advocacy and leadership for early childhood professionals.


Marie's main research interests are in the area of children's social and emotional development and the impact of child abuse and neglect, looking at the role that Early Childhood teachers can play in supporting children who have experienced the trauma of abuse and neglect.


Marie was the National Australia Bank Yachad Scholar 2004 and is undertaking a cross cultural study investigating the impacts of trauma for young children in Australia and Israel.



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